Face it. That home address is unprofessional. For that reason and because collecting mail at your apartment is suspect, we provide solopreneurs, distributed teams, remote companies, Slack power users, and small businesses with affordable reliable Williamsburg Brooklyn based virtual office addresses to have their business mail sorted and collected. We accept deliveries and parcels as well as standard mail. In addition to a virtual office you get discounted day rates at our co-working space ($15/day), conference rentals, and access to our events which range from screenings, fireside chats, to regular ol’ parties. Back to the real stuff though, we can have your mail sorted and ready for pick up or we will provide an option to get your mail forwarded.

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There's not much more to say about virtual offices but we need to add more content for SEO. We're conveniently located right in Williamsburg, half a block from the L train which means stopping by to get your mail is incredibly convenient. Best part about it, you ask? This stud below does all the duties. Call +1 718 384 1548