RVS Eyewear

An upgraded digital prescription for a luxury eyewear brand.


Having seen the aesthetic and UX upgrade we gave to one of RVS' retail partners — The Monocle Order, the founders of RVS approached us to revamp their Shopify-based e-commerce store. Minimal yet sophisticated, elegant yet accessible, these are the tenets that inspire RVS' handcrafted product designs, and so it only seemed fitting that we translate these principles into the creation of their digital storefront. Our objectives in the redesign effort included: reimagining layout to create consistent product presentation, improving site-wide navigation, simplifying key points in the conversion funnel, and ensuring that the site's responsiveness across various screen sizes was optimized for device-specific accessibility and behavior. The result? A new online store that focuses on telling a compelling brand story through interactive UI elements and improved UX to drive sales and qualified customer leads.

View site: www.rvseyewear.com