Offsite Camp

A prestigious wedding venue curates an unforgettable experience for burgeoning entrepreneurs.

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In 2012, we were hired to provide videography and video editing services for a special event at a high-end venue — The Cedar Lakes Estate — in upstate New York. Following our first rodeo with the venue owners, they again reached out to us in 2013 — this time to help them come up with a new concept for an event that they wanted to host at their beautiful estate the following year.

During our initial discovery meetings, we tossed around a variety of ideas, but soon landed on the magic of summer camp and the joy (and sometimes nervousness) that came with it. The final concept was an ‘offsite’ retreat for entrepreneurs, people in the tech community, and general ‘movers & shakers’ in their respective industries. Kind of like summer camp, but for adults, so it included: workshops, keynote speakers, and, of course, camp-like team-building activities.

Our services included: creative consulting, brand inception, production of marketing collateral, digital marketing, and design and development of the marketing and ticket landing pages.