Goat Tape


This is the story of when the weight lift experts met the face lift experts (digital, of course).


Made for athletes by athletes, Goat Tape is an industry leader in high-performance athletic tape designed for intense workouts across a variety of sports. Born out of the Crossfit environment, the founders of Goat Tape approached The Vaan Group to revamp their e-commerce website as they looked to expand their wholesale and direct consumer customer bases. The primary objectives were to facilitate easier transactions for the end consumers, streamline custom orders for both the consumer and the business, and increase checkout conversions for wholesale orders. The end result was a new website that emphasized lifestyle imagery, improved upon usability, and more efficient order processing and operational procedures for the business.

Goat Tape was so happy with their site that they’ve retained us for ongoing digital marketing initiatives that will further drive traffic to the site and increase overall engagement with the brand. Stay tuned for more from Goat Tape!

View site: www.goattape.com