You can’t sell a product that your customers can’t find

Using the Algolia engine under the hood we design and implement smart, powerful, instant search experiences for e-commerce stores on Shopify & other e-commerce platforms.

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“People who use site search are shopping with intent and therefore more likely to purchase.”

Search is everywhere. It’s how we all use the internet and it’s how customers discover your store. Its also one of the fastest ways for them to find what they are looking for. Unfortunately most on-site searchers today fall short. We’re here to solve that.

Future Technologies

Algolia is a powerful hosted search API built for developers. We leverage this to create a best-class search experience on your store.

Personalized Search

No one knows your customers like you do. Integrate the metrics and priorties to build a search that is relevant to your store.

Customers will love it

It’s instant, auto-complete, typo-tolerant, and speaks like your customers do.

Better search = More money

Search is one of the most valuable pages on your website. Make it better.

The State of Mobile E-Commerce Search and
Category Navigation

Search was generally the preferred product finding strategy of the test subjects during the mobile e-commerce usability study, as they perceived it to be faster than category navigation. Unfortunately, search is almost entirely broken on most mobile e-commerce sites in practice

Baymard Institute provides you with 28,000+ hours of large-scale e-commerce UX research

Our search works well on every device

We’ll customize a mobile experience for your Shopify store that delights and converts.


You just heard about how important search is on mobile. We take this to heart.


People like shopping on tablets. The interactivity of search on a tablet enhances their experience


Full featured. Clean UX.

The Process

How we do it

Website Audit

We work with you to identify search gaps, review current search behavior, and prioritize filters and feature sets for the implementation.

UX Design

Next, we get to work designing a search user experience that is branded, mobile first, and customer friendly.


We develop the front-end user experience and integrate the Algolia API in your Shopify store.

Our Plans

Does not include Algolia monthly fees.

Numbers don't lie


conversion rate

From searches to checkout


Average order value

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conversion rate

Compared to former search solution

Why Algolia? Quality + Performance


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or less per search.
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